KB Distribution Cabinets

KB distribution cabinets are produced from cold-rolled sheet steel DC-01, 1.5mm thick, and electrostatically
plasticized using RAL 7035 structural colour.
They are divided into two groups:
–On-wall KB cabinets (up to 1400 mm high),
–Free-standing cabinets 1850 mm high.
Depending on door height, on-wall cabinets can have one or two locks:
–up to 650mm – one lock,
–above 650mm – two locks.
Free-standing KB cabinets are delivered with a base for floor mounting, 50 mm high. They are produced
together with a BMKB lock which ensures three-point locking. The standard lock model has a push-button for releasing the lock handle.
At customer’s request, the push-button can be replaced with an insert with a “Double bit” type
or a half-profile cylinder.
When it comes to a cabinet label, the first number shows the width of a distribution cabinet, more exactly the number of modular equipment groups that can be mounted into one row.
For example, one group of modular equipment can consist of 12 automatic single-pole circuit breakers.
The second number represents cabinet height, more exactly the number of rows (groups of modular equipment) that can be mounted according to distribution cabinet height.
Door-opening angle is 130º and at customer’s request, it can also be 180º.
Protection degree: IP 55.


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