Distribution cabinets KU series are intended forin-wall mounting. They consist of:

       a cabinet frame

       a mask with a door.

The cabinet frame is produced from 1mm-thick sheet metal galvanized with zinc.

The cabinet mask and the door are produced from cold-rolled sheet metal DC-01, 1mm thick.

The protection is provided by electrostatic plasticization using RAL 9016 structural colour.

The equipment can be mounted on:

       a mounting plate of type MP – ULP.

       a mounting system for modular equipment

SM with protective masks. The systems (SM) and the masks (P) represent standard equipment as with the
cabinets KB series.

UP holders are not necessary for SM mounting when speaking of the cabinets KU series.

The cabinet construction enables door position changes, so that it can be left or right hinged.

Protection degree: IP 31

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